Data accessibility

Accessibility of data
thanks to synchronization in  Cloud  and to the control panel with a web interface, it is possible to access the data at any time, from any fixed or mobile device connected to the internet.

Expandable for multiple locations
JobsTimer is constructed so as to be used with multiple devices for the reading of the card. It is therefore also possible to use the same system with multiple access points or in the case of more than one work location. The overall calculation of hours is saved in Cloud in a single panel, for easier management.

Interaction with other systems easy
JobsTimer allows the export of data to interface easily with payroll systems. Reports can be generated with a click in PDF or CSV format, so you will be quickly sent to the line manager or accountant.

Remote Updates
Thanks to the ‘always connected device’, all updates and improvements of the application can be done remotely: simply restart your device to update to a new version.