About us?

Sinfotech  was founded in 2003 by specialists with significant experience of ‘industry experts Information Technology, appearing on the market with marketing web-related services. Over time, we have gained experience in everything related to the Internet and services connected to it, expanding our range of services and solutions.

We have successfully developed a number of software solutions and we approached to emerging technologies, such as’ NFC  (Near Field Communication) and the  BLE  (Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as Bluetooth Smart). These technologies are closely related to the market of smartphones and mobile devices, in constant growth and innovation.

Thanks to the know-how developed in the NFC and BLE fields, we have developed solutions  proximity marketing , which directly involves users and their smartphones, as well as several NFC solutions for business areas, such as tracking, access control and anti- counterfeiting.

Nowadays, Sinfotech successfully operates mainly in Italy and Europe, with customers around the world.

Via Ceppo 4, 23807 Merate (LC), Italy
P. Iva: 03424760134
Web: www.sinfotech.it