To stamp, just bring the card to the antenna of the device and touch the IN or OUT buttons to indicate the input or output. In case of work off-site, it is possible to make a  stamping remotely , via its control panel (in this case the stamping must be validated by an administrator).




Control panel

The card also allows each employee to access the personal control panel, directly from your smartphone via NFC or QR. In the control panel you can verify their income and expenditure and ask for time off or vacation, with preset causal but also customizable.







JobsTimer allows the export of data to interface easily with payroll systems. Reports can be generated with a click in PDF or CSV format, so you will be quickly sent to the line manager or accountant.






Stamping and permits

Clicking on a day you enter the specific page of the clicked day being able to apply for permits and / or holidays and thus have a chance to score the input and / or output with stamping remotely (in this case the stamping must be validated by a administrator).